Why have a Coach?
Coaching as a profession is relatively new and many people still shy away from having a coach. We perceive it to be a form of counseling and therapy and having a coach suggests we are broken. Let me dispel this myth.
Coaching focuses on me as an individual and assists me in understanding myself and what drives me. Coaches are geared to fight for my brilliance and help me connect to this. When this work is done, the circumstances of my life are approached from a new empowered place.
What is coaching?
Coaching is transformational work meaning I will change parts of myself to be more effective in my world. Coaching takes me on a journey of self-exploration seeking to identify and work with parts of self that limit me and connect with parts of self that are great.
Why people get a coach
We face issues in our life that have become intolerable. We want to change and if it was easy we would just change and yet we don’t. We repeat the same behaviours expecting things to change. A coach will help us explore limiting beliefs and what purpose they serve.
We get a coach to help us understand why we behave the way we do. We get a coach to help us identify our limiting beliefs that stand in the way of us achieving our goals.
Typical coaching questions
To get a favour of coaching try this simple exercise. Identify a situation you are struggling with. It may be a relationship you have, or a work issue. Now answer the following questions:
- What do you need to change?
- What do you really need to change?
- What are you tolerating?
- What is the cost to you?
- What does this reveal about you?
- What do you really want?
- What would that feel / look like?
- What are you afraid of?
- What if this change was easy?
- What is your belief driving this behaviour?
- What would be a more empowering belief? (Write it out)
- What is the next most courageous thing you can do?
Notice the inner journey you get taken on in a simple process. Coaching will help you become a more confident and empowered person who stands up in the world.

If this article peaks your interest I am keen to have a conversation with you as to how I can work with you and your teams around generating results more effectively. Send me an email – details below.


Stephen Light is a Leadership Expert & Executive Coach who uses Neuroscience as a platform for being more effective at understanding and changing self. He assist leaders in finding more effective ways of leading people through changes resulting in the objectives of teams being met.

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