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Creating Positive Affirmations

to replace Negative Limiting Beliefs

Positive affirmations are a technique for creating sustainability for the changes we make in our life. We become motivated to change, we make a conscious decision to change, we make the change and then LIFE happens. We experience pressure and we revert to habitual behaviour. All our work apparently lost. Remember, affirmations make the future NOW! We practise it daily and things will change. The universe will conspire to support you and things you need to realise your future start popping up.

“You will see it when you believe it” - Wayne Dyer

Affirmations must be:

1. Personal

The affirmation is about me. Realise you can only make changes within yourself, not others;

e.g. I have the…

2. Positive

We think in pictures so if our affirmation is about what we DON’T want, we start creating a mental picture in our subconscious of exactly what we don’t want. The affirmation must be about what you DO want:

e.g. “I am fit and healthy” vs. “I am not a fat and lazy slob”

3. Present tense

The affirmation must be written as if it is happening right now. This is different to where you are actually at and this creates the differential to make the change

e.g. I am… / I create… / I do...

4. Indicate achievement

Write the affirmation as if it has already been achieved and not as if it has the potential to be achieved

e.g. I am a success at my job

5. Emotions

To make the affirmations stick in the subconscious we need to align it to an emotion. Memories that are linked to positive emotions are remembered more vividly. You only need think of your first love and the emotions YOUR song well up in you. Emotions ensure the affirmations work faster and are more powerful

6. Imprint

To ensure the affirmation becomes reality one can use the process of imprinting. This involves developing a mental picture of what the future looks like with the affirmation as being real and already achieved. Link this to the positive emotion and repeat. This process ensures the picture we create becomes reality

e.g. Repeat Early morning and before bed in front of a mirror looking into your eyes

List of examples of positive affirmations:

  • I set myself big goals in order to make use of my full potential.
  • I evaluate my beliefs regularly
  • My life is full of miracles
  • I accept myself as a worthwhile human being who is unique and valuable to others.
  • I work constantly to realise my potential in order to live a balanced life.
  • Only good things lie before me
  • I am worthy
  • I am enough
If this article peaks your interest I am keen to have a conversation with you as to how I can work with you and your teams around generating results more effectively. Send me an email – details below
Stephen Light is a Leadership Expert & Executive Coach who uses Neuroscience as a platform for being more effective at understanding and changing self. He assist leaders in finding more effective ways of leading people through changes resulting in the objectives of teams being met.
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