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    I am a Leadership Expert and Executive Coach. I work with individuals and teams who require alignment in search of their objectives. I grow leaders in the practical application of leadership helping them shift their approach with people that changes the outcomes in business.

    I am a Professional Organisational Relationship Systems Team Coach who builds resilient teams. I assist teams in identifying and working with conflicting issues and upskill individuals to have difficult but necessary conversations that build and don't break relationships.

    I work with the relationship system that exists in teams, revealing it to itself so that it moves to resolution and or evolution. I help identify toxic behaviours that breakdown communication and assist in designing alliances that allow for accountability and responsibility to the team.

    The result I achieve is assisting teams to be goal oriented, focusing their energies on the objectives and thus achieve business results.

    I help business achieve financial results through aligned individuals within teams.

    Skill Set:


    Clear - I quickly and easily identify the real issues at hand through awareness of people and how they interact and engage with each other


    Connected - I create a sense of safety straight away allowing people to openly share and communicate their issues. This is the starting process for aligning individuals in teams


    Courageous - I genuinely care about people and know their potential for being great. This is my approach with them and I am courageous in calling them on any behaviours that are not conducive to growing themselves, the team or the business. I build relationships this way


    Trust - I am very upfront, transparent and direct with people and build trust this way. People know I have their and their teams best interests at heart, at all times. I behave in trustworthy ways with them giving them the confidence to know they can count on me


    Results - My focus is on individuals and teams growth with an end goal of results. I am clear with my clients where we are headed and hold them accountable for the changes that need to happen for the results to show




    My results are seen in my Impact. Let people I have worked with share with you

    Pria Rai
    Director of People Services and Communications - Phoenix Community Housing, United Kingdom

    Stephen has worked with Phoenix Community Housing in different roles as a consultant / coach. Stephen worked with us on our newly launched change management programme as part of a consulting coaches team and he coached our managers to support them into the new learning. The objective of his coaching was personal development in reference to the change agenda which he supported successfully both for the individual and the organisation.

    Since the programme, Stephen has coached a number of our staff members in a variety of different contexts. He has coached people who were exiting the business, people who were taking on new roles and people requiring personal and leadership development. He is a popular coach with our people and one that I certainly trust.

    Stephen also led and delivered very successfully on a new brand re-visioning exercise with stakeholders. He helped map our stakeholders expectations and perceptions. This was a crucial piece of work for us in our rebranding initiative. Having worked closely with Stephen in a variety of different contexts, I welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

    Stephen has a unique style. He is a fabulous combination of blunt honesty and compassion. His influencing skills are brilliant; he knows when to push and when to cajole. And he works in service of what is the best for the individual and the system he is serving. I definitely recommend Stephen Light for any change projects, individual or team coaching or leadership development work

    Trish Taylor

    CEO - East Coast radio, South Africa

    East Coast Radio is a leading South African radio station and we had the privilege of working with Stephen Light for approximately 2 years, until such time as he immigrated.

    Stephen was the official Executive Coach to the Senior Leadership team. Stephen's impact on the team was phenomenal, not only from a motivational perspective, but also in aligning the Management team’s behaviour around the vision, values and strategy of the business. We saw immediate improvement in accountability and overall leadership skills.

    I would highly recommend any business to invest in Stephen’s services

    Monyaki Monyaki

    Branch Manager - FNB LIB South Africa

    When I first met up with Stephen Light I really didn’t have any idea what I was doing in that class. I was convinced I knew everything I needed to know about managing emotions, how to successfully interact with others, the difference between arrogance and confidence, assertiveness, different styles of leadership etc.


    Well to cut a long story short, I knew nothing. Stephen invested time in me so I can start my leadership journey. I accepted that I am not perfect and opened up to the teachings by Stephen. Today I see life in a different Light. I understand that Leadership is a journey and not a destination. I am empowered with tools that I can easily share with others in order to give direction to their journeys too.

    I recommend anyone in a Leadership position, or those aspiring to be, to take a journey through self-discovery with Stephen Light. It will be the best journey you have ever been on.

    Emma Gough

    Training manager - EE United Kingdom

    Stephen worked with me on my confidence.


    He helped me understand what I was struggling with and through various coaching approaches, enabled me to get to the bottom of my issues. This level of awareness truly helped me be at choice and with tools Stephen taught me, I have made progress in my relationships.


    His combination of neuroscience and coaching tools made it a truly transformational journey. I cannot say enough about how truly engaged I felt in my conversations with him, his warmth, empathy, knowledge and wisdom shone through.


    I highly recommend Stephen Light for any Change initiatives, Leadership capability up-skilling and Executive coaching.

    Stratford Zombe

    Property Asset Manager - FNB, South Africa

    You are a great Facilitator and Mentor. Attending the sessions you facilitated with the FNB leadership team was enlightening. I have learnt to understand people much better. - "A half story is not a full story". I am now open minded. Thank you to your great work.

    Glenn Nugent

    Entrepreneur & Owner - Reed & Nugent Optometrists, South Africa

    I have been working with Stephen for some time and he has helped me tremendously on a personal level and this has impacted my business on every level, from dealing with staff issues to understanding my patients true needs and motivations.

    Through a process he has helped me understand my feelings at what drives them. We have identified my priorities and set goals and Stephen has given techniques and practical steps to work toward these goals.
    His insightful approach has got me thinking at a much deeper and meaningful level and creating more of an inner peace.

    I enjoy his professional approach along with his empathetic nature blending in with certain level of accountability.

    Nadia Cozzi

    CSFM Manager - Toyota Tsusho Africa (Pty) Ltd.

    Stephen and I have a strong business relationship for the last five years. He has worked with me and still is on leadership areas I want to change. Through Transformational Coaching we identified mine and my teams growth potential and Stephen helped me work towards these.


    Using a combination of Neuroscience and coaching tools. He assisted me in identifying limiting beliefs that were holding me back and gave me tools for shifting these. Where appropriate he trained me in communication styles and how to manage conflict.


    He challenged me on a business and personal level along the journey constantly bringing back my experiences to my own lessons and learning. We did role plays which helped build confidence for when I had to step out and have the difficult conversations and face my limitations. The benefit for my team and personal growth has impacted in a positive way to all people that I have dealings with.


    I highly recommend Stephen Light for any Change initiatives, Leadership capability upskilling and Executive coaching.

    Avesh Ramsunkar

    FNB Vendor Management - Bank City, South Africa

    Stephen Light has taught me to understand emotional Intelligence at a higher Level. I learnt about control of my senses. When I have certain feelings, energies are produced which determine my behaviour and how I react in that situation.


    One major part of this Programme that stands out; "It's not about Me." With this in mind, anything is possible, especially in meetings and presentations or just being vocal about my opinion. I am now focused on the situation and not conscious of MYSELF.


    This has taught me to become more extrovert in public and I am being noticed by my colleagues for the first time in my life. Public speaking is now a conversation with super souls and not just people in front of me.


    I want to thank Stephen for an incredible journey in this Lifetime and for bringing out my very own unique Personality in Life which I never thought I had. Thank You

    Brima Sibanda

    Branch Manager - FNB LIB South Africa

    I attend Stephen's Conscious Leadership workshop series. One of the areas we covered was being Emotionally Intelligent. I learnt to become conscious about my behaviours. I discovered that I cannot be responsible for how other people behave. I can only control my behaviour. What I changed was my limiting beliefs around myself.


    The impact on me and my relationships is that I am now more assertive as opposed to being aggressive. I can engage with people from all levels without any fear as I am conscious of my actions all the time. The benefit to the business is that I now listen to understand and not to respond. I now have respectful and honest conversations with my team and am more engaged with the team.


    I highly recommend Stephen Light for any Leadership capability upskilling and Coaching.


    Frances Light CPCC, ACC

    Talent & Development Partner Technology - EE, United Kingdom

    Stephen's purpose is to serve. He certainly achieves this through the facilitation and coaching that he does. His interaction with people leaves them feeling valued, heard and inspired. Stephen works to keep balance in his life and he does this by ensuring that he looks after his spiritual, physical, emotional and family life.

    Michael Ward

    Bringing Great Ideas To The Market And Beyond, South Africa

    Stephen has an amazingly positive attitude and his opinions are always enlightening and insightful. These thought provoking views and insights have lead to some incredible breakthroughs for all who have had the pleasure of interacting with Stephen and his original skill set.


    Leadership Expert

    Executive Coach

    Team Coach

    Team Diagnostics Facilitator

    Executive Coaching

    I work with senior leaders assisting them to have the conversations they need to have to move them towards results. I use Neuroscience as a platform for understanding self and others. I enable Leaders to get results 

    Leadership Expert

    I grow Leadership capability through bespoke Leadership workshops drawing off latest Leadership trends using Neuroscience as a platform. When working with individuals, teams or organisations I quickly identify the current leadership capability, where they are headed and what the "GAP' is. THis becomes the focus of their growth

    Change Management

    Organisations are faced with daily change. The new paradigm is change. I help individuals, teams and organisations identify what needs to change and why. I then work with them to embrace and align individual and team efforts in service of embedding these changes that result in growth

    Workshop Facilitation

    Facilitation is a unique skill, one I constantly work at mastering. With Neuroscience as a platform and latest trends in facilitation techniques that engage adults, I am able to transfer learning in an experiential way that is memorable. I create procedural memory that relates to transferrable skills in the workplace  that can be used immediately 

    Conflict Management

    I have a deep understanding and appreciation for Conflict Management. Bringing a fresh approach to conflict that shifts peoples perspective and experience around conflict, I assist individuals, teams and organisations to understand, embrace and use conflict in service of growth

    Team Coaching

    I am an Organisational Relationship Systems Coach. I work with team relationships assisting them to identify their team dynamics and work with the emotional field that hinders their collective skill from shining. With unique tools I allow teams to ventilate, share issues and work towards alignment

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    England Rugby RFU

    Match Official 

    Sep 2014 – Present


    I am contracted to the RFU as a match official
    I perform match official duties for games at the National 1 & 2 level

    PeopleActiv LTD

    Leadership Facilitator and Executive Coach 

    Jan 2001 – Present


    I am a Leadership expert facilitating self-insight and behavioural change. Using cutting edge approaches in Neuroscience and Relationship Systems Thinking I assist individuals and teams to work through their limitations and connect with their inner potential. The result is confident and empowered people who are more productive and effective at what they do. I am a professionally certified and accredited coach working with executive leaders in business and their personal lives.


    I facilitate my Leadership Series "Being a Conscious Leader." I coach Executive leaders on leadership and confidence. I work with teams assisting them to align their resources in line with their goals and vision versus disconnect based on their fears and toxic behaviours.

    Barrows LTD

    Account Director 

    Apr 1998 – 2001


    I managed a client portfolio for Barrows
    I was responsible my own business with targets
    I facilitated the process from brief to delivery of Point-of-Sale displays in FMCG retail outlets
    I was responsible for R25million worth of turnover

    National Brands LTD

    Brand Manager 

    Jan 1993 – Mar 1998


    Brand plan formulation
    Managing Agencies
    Liaising with Sales force



    Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

    Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) Executive Coaching Individual one-on-one Life Coaching 2009 - 2010


    CTI is the oldest and largest in-person coach training organization in the world. The institute has trained over 35,000 coaches and has also trained employees in more than half of the Fortune 100 companies.

    CTI’s Co-Active Coach® Training Program is widely recognized as the most rigorous coach training and certification program in the industry.

    1. Fundamentals
    2. Fulfilment
    3. Balance
    4. Process
    5. In the Bones Integration

    Certified by Coaches Training Institute (CTI) as a Co-Active Coach
    Accredited by International Coaches Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

    Activities: Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coaches Federation (ICF)

    Centre for Right Relationship (CRR Global)

    Organisational Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC). Team / Relationship / Group Coaching Team Relationship Systems Coaching 2012 - 2013


    ORSC is the only ICF-accredited relationship systems-based training for coaches. It employs a ground-breaking model for coaching teams, families, couples and organisations

    1. Organizational & Relationship Systems (ORS) at Work
    2. ORSC Intelligence: a Roadmap for Change
    3. ORSC Geography: Roles & Structures
    4. ORSC Path: Vision & Potential
    5. Systems Integration

    Team Coaching International

    Certified Team Diagnostics Facilitator Team Diagnostics 2015 - 2015


    TCI is a global professional services firm with a clear purpose: to help our clients create and maintain high-performing teams and organisations.

    I am certified to facilitate the following Team diagnostic tools:
    Team Leader Diagnostic
    Team Diagnostic
    Team 360 view
    Organisational View


    Creative Writing Creative Writing 2011 - 2011


    Planning the Story
    Hooking your Reader
    Developing your characters
    The Plot vs. the Story
    The Dialogue
    Creating varying Perspectives
    Conflict and Tension
    Brutal Editing
    Tying it all Up


    Marketing Management Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services 1994 - 1997


    YEAR 1
    Marketing 1A
    Business Management 1A
    Economics 1A (Microeconomics)
    Business Communication Introduction to Financial Accounting
    End User Computing
    Marketing 1B
    Business Management 1B
    Economics 1B (Macroeconomics)
    Personal Selling
    Business Law

    YEAR 2
    Marketing 2A
    Business Management 2A
    Economics 2A
    Quantitative Techniques
    Market Research
    Marketing 2B
    Business Management 2B
    Economics 2B
    Integrated Marketing Communication
    Research Methodology

    YEAR 3
    Marketing 3A
    Business Management 3A
    Finance for Marketing
    Research Project
    Marketing 3B
    Business Management 3B
    Project Management
    Business Ethics

    University of KwaZulu-Natal

    BSc (Biology) Sciences 1990 - 1992



    YEAR 1
    Psychology 1A
    Psychology 1B
    General & Physical Chemistry
    Organic & Inorganic Chemistry
    Cell Biology 1A
    Cell Biology 1B
    Environmental Biology 1A
    Environmental Biology 1B

    YEAR 2
    Psychology 2A
    Cell Biology 2A
    Cell Biology 2B
    Environmental Biology 2A
    Environmental Biology 2B

    YEAR 3
    Language & Communication A
    Cell Biology 3A
    Cell Biology 3B
    Environmental Biology 3A
    Environmental Biology 3B

    Glenwood High School

    National Senior Certificate Exemption Higher Grade Matric Exemption Higher Grade 1983 - 1987


    Physical Science

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